• Culture

    Walk through the woods to the nearby Vlkolinec (UNESCO), visit the folk museum in Pribylina or the castle of Likava. The archeological museum Havranok featuring partially-reconstructed Celtic settlement is also close.


Visit a pitoresque village of Vlkolinec, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. A walk there through the woods directly from Hrabovo will take you less than an hour.


The Havranok archeological museum features reconstructed celtic buildings, La Tène fortifications and a gate, a Middle-Ages moat, a bridge, and a residential tower.


A beautiful open-air museum gives evidence of the traditional life in the Liptov region in the past. Visit the early Gothic church, a village school, and the houses of a peasant and a craftsman.


The nearby castle of Likava located in the Choc mountains is a perfect hiking destination. The partially-reconstructed ruin includes Hunyady’s tower featuring the castle’s history exposition.


Explore the 2 kilometers distant city of Ruzomberok: Visit the gallery of the Slovak painter, graphician and illustrator Ludovit Fulla, the early Gothic church of St. Andrew, typical stairs of Ruzomberok, or the mausoleum of the Slovak politician and priest Andrej Hlinka.